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August, 31st, 2021

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At SupportA, we aim to establish strong and durable bonds between international innovators and strategic local partners, thus ensuring that innovative technologies are implemented faster and better in the Latin America (LATAM) region.

Our clients include global small- and medium-sized companies, non-profits, and consulting firms that are interested in the local healthcare sector. Each of them has specific goals and interests related to the LATAM market and we have a process set in place to ensure that we fulfill each of our client’s needs.

SupportA’s Process

The consulting process at SupportA starts when a client comes to us with a specific goal. This goal can be accessing one  –  or more  –  new market countries with their innovative technology, accessing unbiased and relevant information about a disease state in the LATAM region, establishing a scientific dialogue with KOLs for product validation and/or testing, and managing clinical research.

Once our consultant team understands the client’s goals, they start to gather information by reading stakeholders reports, relevant scientific literature, and interacting with key opinion leaders (KOLs), as well as commercial and regulatory stakeholders.

Data gathered by SupportA’s team of consultants:

  • State of the art of the disease or technology of interest
  • Organization of the local healthcare system
  • State of the art of the disease or technology of interest in the target country or countries
  • Relevant market data 
  • Interests and influences of end users 
  • Competitors 
  • Product characteristics that match the local customer needs 
  • Market segments 
  • Valuation 
  • Clinical indications
  • Mapping of the best strategic partner(s)
  • Regulatory requirements 

After gathering the information, our team of consultants analyzes these data and formulates a hypothesis based on the client’s goals. The feasibility of this hypothesis is later validated through interactions with healthcare administrators  –  KOLs who understand how the local healthcare system operates, end users, and other key commercial and regulatory stakeholders.

As a final step, our team ponders the information gathered through the lens of the client to create a final report with recommendations on how to achieve the initial goals. Depending on the client, these recommendations can include the steps for maximum market acceptance, execution of the clinical research project, or implementation of innovative solutions in the LATAM market. 

With the information provided in the report, the client can make an informed decision.

The Profile of SupportA’s Consultants

The consultants in our team have a specific profile that allows them to successfully navigate each step of the process. 

They are professionals with academic training and postgraduate degrees in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) discipline rounded by a  strong commercial mindset  and interest in industry.

They are originally from the LATAM region and currently live there, but have international experiences because they have either studied or worked in cutting-edge scientific groups worldwide. As a consequence, they have built strong local and international networks.

Finally, they have an entrepreneurial mindset and/or strong industry knowledge. Our consultants are entrepreneurs themselves or have worked outside of academia, so they understand market dynamics.

Why This Profile Is The Best Fit For Our Clients’ Needs

During their postgraduate studies, our consultant gained relevant skills, both technical and transferable, like literature review, study protocol design, management of budgets-timelines, statistical analysis, scientific writing, oral presentation, synthesis of different types of information, and the ability to work proactively. These skills ensure that they can fulfill all the steps of the consulting process in the least amount of time possible and with minimal supervision.  

Their STEM background and academic formation allow them to do an initial scientific review and establish the local state of the art of the technologies of interest and establish one-on-one connections with the authors of those publications, who are often KOLs in the local market. At the same time, the market knowledge of the consulting team allows them to ask the right questions and keep the client’s interests in sight.

Having a professional with both visions – technical and business-oriented  – managing the project fosters confidence in the client who knows that the consulting team will cover all the necessary angles to come up with the best solutions.

Their scientific background also allows our consultants to carry out the necessary data analysis process. They can interpret different types of information and see patterns that allow them to establish hypotheses that apply to the market. 

At the same time, because our consultants are well connected within local networks, they can reach out to trusted healthcare administrators and other key stakeholders, commercial and regulatory to validate their hypothesis. These KOLs are familiar with the day to day of the healthcare market and understand the unspoken rules. Having their practical perspective is invaluable to consultants who need to consider all the aspects that can influence the client’s goal, not just the theoretical side.

All the components of the SupportA consultant profile come together in the last step of the process, where the consultant creates the business/regulatory and scientific strategy that contains recommendations for maximum market acceptance, or a better and faster implementation of their innovative healthcare solution in LATAM.

The STEM background allows the team of consultants to back up the information provided. The local network allows the team to serve as a relationship builder between the client and local stakeholders (including technology users, payers, and KOLs), and the entrepreneurial mindset allows the team of consultants to shape a personalized business strategy for each client.

If you are interested in working with us or want to have a better idea of how our team of consultants can help you achieve your goals in the LATAM region, don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss your goals.

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    Author: Alejandra Viviescas, PhD
    Alejandra is Content and Social Media Manager at SupportA. She has 7+ years of research experience in biochemistry, cellular biology, and tropical diseases, as well as as 3+ years of experience in medical writing, project management, and relationship building with though leaders in different industry sectors. Her passion is to help close the knowledge gap between academic research and the general public to achieve innovative solutions that benefit society.