SupportA is a science and business consulting firm. We assist from researchers, non-profits to innovative med-tech companies to understand regional markets and implement their innovative solutions.

Latin America is an attractive market because it has a growing and diversified economy. It offers a stable legal and institutional framework for business development.

We are located in Colombia, which is an excellent starting point for nearby geographic markets such as Brazil, the countries of the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean.

 “Knowing and understanding the regional markets is the key for success”

Our objective is to ensure that innovative technologies are implemented faster and better.

Our mission at SupportA is to establish strong and durable bonds between international innovators and strategic local partners. We enable their success in tackling the challenges associated with the dynamic markets and the cultural nuance differences

“We empower entrepreneurs and innovators, because we are one of them”

Our team of consultants has a deep scientific background, studies and work experience in Europe. We are provided with a natural curiosity, knowledge of the regional scientific environment and the life sciences markets.

We all have been trained to provide a complete view across markets and scientific fields.

Additionally, we master international marketing processes, we understand how the product development and the local needs must be bound, and how to approach reliable scientific, governmental and business partners to achieve a long-term competitive strategy.

 “We provide innovative ways of thinking and doing, as well as high impact results”