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We are happy to share our experience with customers that, as your company, could bring innovative solutions to the local needs in the healthcare and life sciences sectors in Latin America.

BluSense Diagnostics ApS is a medium-sized MedTech company, a spin-off from the Technical University of Denmark. Based in Copenhagen and Taipei, the company is developing an innovative point-of-care blood testing device for infectious diseases, like Dengue, Zika and COVID19.

SupportA guides and represents BluSense Diagnostics ApS in Latin America since January 2019.

Filippo Bosco, PhD.

CEO & founder at BluSense Diagnostics ApS



“Our collaboration with Laura Bohorquez, at SupportA, has been highly professional, showing her dedication, commitment and diligence throughout her work.

A solid achievement throughout our collaboration has been to successfully register our BluBox and ViroTrack products in Colombia and, thanks to Laura’s smooth discussions with main stakeholders, to start clinical performance evaluation studies of our diagnostics products in Colombia.

Additionally, the collaboration of BluSense Diagnostics ApS with Laura, at SupportA, has been crucial to identify potential distributors, in Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. Laura and her team have been performing their work diligently providing constant transparent progress reports. Laura and her team are always available for follow-ups and quickly respond to any communication coming from us.”

Connect Bogota, an innovation accelerator, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) launched an open innovation call, Bio-B program, in 2020 to find bio-based solutions or biotechnologies to confront challenges of large companies in the region. This innovation program offered the funds to carry out the tests, validations and / or scaling of biotechnological or bio-based solutions.

SupportA has participated as an external advisor in the Bio-B program. Our collaboration has guaranteed the relevance in the selection of 50+ business innovation challenges and 100+ international biotech-based or bio-based solutions, to prioritize those with the greatest potential to generate technology transfer as a catalyst for innovation, and to transform the knowledge generated through the program into new products or services.

Augusto Ruiz, MBA

Project Manager at Connect Bogota



“We received very precise, prompt and pertinent concepts from Laura, at SupportA, regarding the specific knowledge in technology transfer processes and from a business perspective. Her recommendations allowed us to make decisions regarding projects with a greater potential to become new products and services. Laura’s contributions and comments were also essential for the companies that had to select bio-solutions, to get additional elements of judgment for making decisions with a higher confidence. Without a doubt, Laura’s knowledge and experience are reflected in all the evaluations carried out. In addition, her quick responses were fundamental to be able to comply with the timelines proposed by the call.

The professionalism reflected in the quality of work carried out by Laura allowed us to fulfill the objectives proposed in our collaboration with the highest gratification. We do not hesitate to work with Laura and her team again in the next opportunity!”

FIND is a global non-profit based in Geneva, that accelerates the development, evaluation and delivery of high-quality, affordable diagnostic tests for poverty-related diseases.

SupportA has participated as diagnostic consultant. We assist the development of clinical performance evaluation studies of IVDR for Chagas Disease in 3 countries in LATAM to generate unbiased data that enable case management in resource-limited and POC settings.

Albert Picado de Puig, Dr

Senior Scientific Officer at FIND



“We have been working with Laura at SupportA in the preparation and supervision of the study protocols for evaluation of diagnostic tools for Chagas Disease in LATAM. Even though it was the first time that Laura worked on Chagas Disease, and with several of the study teams, she has shown the necessary initiative and has been working independently with limited input from our side. This is undoubtedly one of the challenges of working for FIND, in general we hope that the consultants take the initiative because we have limited availability.

We would like to continue working with Laura and the SupportA team as our diagnostic consultants in LATAM.”

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