Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for Personally Identifiable Information of SupportAdvisors Consulting Group

At, we take your privacy and trust very seriously. This privacy policy is intended to outline how any personal data collected from you via our website or through any other communication medium like Live chat support will be protected, used, stored and processed by us to communicate with you and to deliver you excellent service.

Any personal data we collect, and process depends on the purpose of your visit and the service or services you have purchased or otherwise agreed to receive from us. SupportAdvisors Consulting Group (referred to as “we”, “us”, “SupportAdvisors Consulting Group” or “Company”) is committed to protect your privacy and to process any personally identifiable information (referred to as “personal data” or “personal information”) with transparency.

For the purposes of this statement, personal information is understood to be any information which is relevant to you, with which your identity is or can be identified and which include, for example, your name, email address, physical address, VAT number, IP address (only when we have collected it in conjunction with directly identifying information) or the information you submit in your private tickets.

Who we are

SupportAdvisors Consulting Group is a limited company registered in Colombia with the purpose of providing software and services related to it, with registration number 901293875-2 and registered address CL 137 A No 58-35. BL1 AP301. Bogota, Colombia

If you have any questions about your use of personal information you can contact the Data Protection Officer through the Contact Us form of our site or by emailing us to

If you want a copy of your personal information kept on file (“data portability right”) or delete the personal information we keep on file for you (“right to be forgotten”) please use the Contact Us form on our site or by emailing

1.What Personal Information We Collect From You

We collect personal information of current and prospective clients through our website. We never collect information in person, through any other means or using a third party representative.

Invoicing information. In accordance to the local tax laws and the European Union’s VAT and invoicing directives we collect the following personal information: your name, email address, physical address, company name (if applicable), company activity (if applicable), VAT number (if applicable), IP address, country. This information is used to generate the legally stipulated invoice upon successful payment of your purchase and for proving your country of origin should it be required in accordance to the European Union’s VAT directives.

IP address. Your IP address is temporarily collected whenever you are accessing our site in our web server’s logs and our security software’s logs and our download system’s logs only when downloading through our site. This information is used to ensure the security of our website and to prevent abuse. IP address information is not directly identifiable information but if it’s stored in conjunction with your user account ID it might be an indirect identifier.

Support ticket information. Any identifiable information you provide when requesting support through our ticket system’s private tickets feature including but limited to connection information to your site(s) and any other personally identifiable information you may volunteer. We use that information to provide you with technical and account support and, generally, to answer your questions and address your requests. Please note that when filing a public ticket or when you are providing your ticket system signature you have no reasonable expectation of privacy and as such any information volunteered in a public ticket is not subject to our privacy statement.

Contact form information. Any information you volunteer by submitting a contact form through this website’s Contact Us page. We use this information to respond to your requests.

Security Question Verification / account security. Information provided or generated in the course of setting up and using the Security Question Verification system for securing your account’s Security. We use this information only for providing the Security Question Verification functionality of our site. Security Question Verification information is not directly identifiable information but if it’s stored in conjunction with your user account ID it might be an indirect identifier.

2.Personal Information of minors

We do not allow minors (persons under the age of 13) to use our site.

3.Whether you are legally obliged to provide us your personal information

Providing your invoicing information is legally required in accordance to the European Union’s VAT directive and its incorporation to local tax laws. It is unlawful for us to let you make a purchase without issuing an invoice which requires this information. Information not printed on the invoice (IP address) are also required for the same reason, to prove your country of origin for purposes of applying the correct VAT rate.

Your IP address in the context of security and abuse prevention is specifically exempt from requiring your consent per the European Union’s GDPR. We are legally required to ensure the security of your personal information through any appropriate technical means and that includes collecting your IP address in that context.

4.Why we process your personal information and what is the legal basis

1.Contractual obligations

We process your personal information with transparency and in accordance with the GDPR and the local data protection laws for one of the following reasons:

    • We process your personal information to provide the software download and support services we have agreed upon when you subscribed to our services.

    • When using our contact form we process your personal information to reply to your request. We also automatically process your personal information to send you automated email notifications about the handling of your request.

2.To comply with a legal obligation

There are certain obligations in accordance to local and international laws, as well as Directives issued by the European Union. These legal obligations require the processing of your personal information. In case we receive a court order or otherwise may be legally obliged to process or convey your personal information to third parties.

We process your personal information to issue the legally required invoice and send you automated emails with the invoice and information about your purchase. The invoicing information is also sent to our Accountants and Auditors to comply with local tax regulations.

3.To protect our interests

We might process personal information to protect our legal interests. Basis for a legal interest exist when we have a commercial or other business reason to use your information. Examples of such processing are as follows:

  • In case of a suspected abuse or an attempt to compromise, deteriorate, disrupt or otherwise interfere with our services we may process personal information to identify the perpetrator and pursue redress. Such steps may for example (not an inclusive list) include contacting the suspected offender or pursuing the matter legally.

  • In rare occasions we may send you a personal, manual email to address a concern regarding your subscription e.g. if there is an unexpected problem with your payment as we are notified by the company processing the payment.

4.When you have given your consent

If you have explicitly provided your consent the processing of your personally identifiable information draws its legality upon your explicit consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. However, any processing which took place before your consent’s withdrawal is not affected.

5.Who are the recipients of your personal information

While fulfilling our contractual or legal obligations your personally identifiable information may be conveyed to our partners and subcontractors. These providers and suppliers are in contract with SupportAdvisors Consulting Group with which they are obliged to uphold the confidentiality and protection of your personal information in accordance to the local data protection laws and the GDPR.

The recipients of your personal information are as follows.

Third parties, which are either related to or associated with the running of our business, where it is necessary for us to do so. These third parties include our accountants, advisors, affiliates, business partners, independent contractors, and insurers

Further information on each of these third parties is set out below.

Accountants. We share information with our accountants for tax purposes. For example, we share invoices we issue and receive with our accountants for the purpose of completing tax returns and our end of year accounts.

Our accountants are located in Bogota Colombia. They receive your invoicing information to fulfil our obligations towards the tax laws.

Google, Inc. Provides analytics for our site. Only anonymized information is sent to Google. As such, it’s unclear whether they should be listed as a data processor. The only way to resolve ambiguity is to list them here but clearly state that to the best of knowledge and technical ability we do not send any personally identifiable information to them.

6.Remittance of your personal information to a third party country or international Organization

Your personal information may be conveyed to third countries (countries outside the European Economic Area) in certain cases, or whenever this is mandated by law or if you have explicitly consented. All the Processors are obliged to comply and conform to the European Union’s data protection norms and provide appropriate assurances regarding the remittance of your personal information according to Article 46 of the GDPR.

7.Use of personal information for marketing purposes

We do not perform personalized marketing, and we do not make use of profiling for marketing purposes. In general, we do not base our marketing activities on the personal information we have collected from our clients.

8.How long do we keep your personal information

We retain your personal information for as long as we have a business relationship with you as evidenced by the existence of an active subscription or a log in to your account.

We are legally required to retain your invoicing information, both as an off-line backup and in the custody of our auditors, for a period of up to TEN (10) years after your purchase.

9.Your data protection rights

You have the following rights regarding the personally identifiable information we keep on file for you:

Access your personal information.

Request a copy of the personal information we keep on you.

We shall send you a copy of the personal data we keep on file for you and confirm that we are processing it legally. You can access your data only after

  1. You place a copy request via our contact form

>>Request the correction of the personal information we keep on you.

This allows you to correct incomplete or inaccurate information we keep on file for you. This can be done by placing a request via our contact form or by emailing the relevant information to Please note that correcting your invoicing information is only possible when purchasing a product/service and the correction is only applied to newly issued invoices only. This is a legal requirement.

Ask for the deletion of your personal information (a.k.a. “Right to be forgotten”).

You have the right to request that we delete your personal information when there is no real reason for us to process it. Kindly note that this is impossible for 1 year since your last purchase for taxation reporting reasons.

Object to processing your personal information (a.k.a. “Right to objection”)

You have the right to Object the process of you personal information, we will cease any such process, unless we can prove pressing legal reasons for the processing which trump your interests, rights and freedoms. Please consider that this does not usually apply to our business relationship since our processing is done within the context of a legal basis, your explicit consent or is exempt from the GDPR protections (e.g. keeping an IP log for security reasons).

You have the right to object in cases where we process your personal information for reasons of direct marketing. This also includes profiling, to the extent that this is used for direct marketing. This is also inapplicable to our business relationship since we do not engage in direct marketing.

Ask the limitation of your personal information processing. You have the right to ask us to limit processing of your personal information, for the specific cases:

  • if they are inaccurate;
  • if they have been used illegally but you do not wish us to delete them;
  • if they are no longer necessary but you want us to retain them for their use in potential legal demands;
  • if you have asked us to stop using your personal information but you are waiting us to confirm if we have legal reasons to use them.

Ask for a copy of the personal information relevant to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, for the purpose of conveying this information to other organizations. You may also request that we directly convey that file to another organization of your choice. This is also known as “data portability right”.

Withdraw your consent regarding the processing of your personal information at any time. Please note that withdrawal of your consent at any time does not invalidate the legality of the processing based on your consent before that was revoked or withdrawn by you.

To exercise any of your rights we kindly ask you to use the contact form or email address offered on our site.

According to the law, we will reply to your requests promptly and within 30 business days. If you have not received a reply from us for over three weeks (21 days) please retry contacting us with alternate means; most likely your request never reached us. Kindly note that we reserve the right to direct you to our site’s form and / or this Privacy Statement if your concern is readily addressed by it. Per the law, we reserve the right to not reply to your requests if they are too often or are otherwise in abuse of the provisions of the law.

Right to file a complaint

If you have exercised some or all of your rights to data protection and you still feel that your concerns about the way we use your personal data have not been addressed satisfactorily by us, you have the right to file a complaint by filling in the Contact Us form on our site. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commissioner. On the relevant website you will find information on how to file complaints.

10.Changes in this Privacy Statement

We may periodically modify or amend this privacy statement.

When this happens we will change the date on the top of the page and keep a change log at the end of this page. We do not have the technical means to notify our clients about any changes. We recommend that you re-examine this statement periodically so that you are always updated on the way we process and protect your personal information.

11.Cookies Policy

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