Business Strategy

Get new directions that accelerate growth, strengthen profitability and reduce risks

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Market Compliance
Market Compliance

Get your products to market efficiently. We compile, submit, and manage your product registrations

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Market Research
Clinical Research Management

Get the experts to plan and manage the activities of your research projects

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Business Strategy

We have an expert and multidisciplinary team specialized in life sciences, medical technology, healthcare and animal health. We provide concrete guidance and business intelligence. Together with you, we build a successful business strategy around your technology.

The Latin American and the Caribbean markets have demonstrated to be a great business opportunity for early and mid-stage companies in the fields of diagnostics, therapeutics, traditional and innovative medical devices. Nevertheless, regional markets and governmental regulations are highly dynamic and certainly different to those found in Europe and Asia.

In order to access our regional markets and achieve a successful business strategy, SupportA guides innovative companies in the process to develop a suitable business model and high impact clinical research. Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to understand your needs, to analyse your possibilities and to share our knowledge of the regional environment, regulations and culture.

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  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical devices
  • Tropical diseases
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Animal health
  • Data management

SupportA consultants will guide you in analyzing and defining:

  • The interests and influences of end users, competition and other stakeholders
  • The product characteristics that match the local customer needs
  • The steps for maximum market acceptance
  • The market segments
  • The key market insights for valuation and pricing strategies
  • The clinical indications that provide the best marketing conditions
  • The best strategic scientific partners
  • The best strategic business partners
  • The best options for securing regulatory requirements
  • The best options for securing intellectual property

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Clinical Research Management

The experienced project managers at SupportA have the expertise to help you out managing the activities of your research projects. Based on our experience and extensive market research, we have identified key elements for a high impact of your research projects in different Latin-American countries.

We can help you with

  • Identifying key elements
  • Engagement and involvement of partners and stakeholders
  • Creation of durable partnerships

In different type of projects, including

  • Pre-clinical development
  • Proof of Concept studies
  • Diagnostic development
  • Clinical trials
  • Validation studies
  • Large collaborative projects
  • Fundamental research

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Market Compliance

Our consultants can help you with regulatory compliance and market entry in 20+ countries in Latin-America, offering a wide range of compliance services, including

  • Regulatory strategy
  • Translation services
  • Device registration
  • In-country regulatory representation

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