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Who we are

SupportA is a science and business consulting firm located in Latin America and the Caribbean that assists the veterinary medicine industry, to understand and access regional markets.

Latin America is an attractive market because it has a growing and relatively well diversified economy, and offers a stable legal and institutional framework for business development.

We are located in Colombia, which is an excellent starting point for nearby geographic markets such as Brazil, the countries of the Andean region, Central America and the Caribbean.

Our team

SupportA consists of a team of professionals who combine a deep knowledge in veterinary medicine with 10 years of experience in regulatory matters in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry as well as sharpened commercial skills. Our team is driven and enthusiastic to support innovative parties.
We have guided and supported the regulatory and business strategy of 120+ innovative veterinary products.

Our services

  • Regulatory processes for livestock inputs
  • Registration of veterinary products
  • Market compliance
  • Preparation of product registrations in different countries including Colombia, USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.
  • In-country representation
  • Scientific support
  • Content generation for publications
  • Engagement and involvement of partners and stakeholders


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